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company news about How do people all over the world celebrate the coming Christmas?

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Company News
How do people all over the world celebrate the coming Christmas?
Latest company news about How do people all over the world celebrate the coming Christmas?

How do people all over the world celebrate the coming Christmas?




origin of Christmas


Christmas is also known as Christmas, translated as "Christ Mass". It originated from the Saturn Festival when the ancient Romans welcomed the New Year. It has nothing to do with Christianity. After Christianity prevailed in the Roman Empire, the Holy See followed the trend to incorporate this folk festival into the Christian system, and at the same time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus, because the "Bible" does not record the specific day Jesus was born, and there is also no mention of such a festival, which is the result of Christianity assimilating ancient Roman myths. According to the "Bible", the three wise men from the East presented gifts-gold, frankincense, and myrrh when Jesus was born. They worshipped Jesus and expressed their honor to the human savior. This is the origin of the custom of Santa Claus giving gifts to children. British children put their long socks by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. It is believed that Santa Claus will ride an elk down the chimney at night and bring them socks full of gifts. Children in France put their shoes at the door, and ask the Holy Child to put gifts inside the shoes when he comes. December 25th of each year in the Gregorian calendar is the day when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, which is called Christmas. From December 24th to January 6th of the following year is the Christmas festival. During the Christmas festival, Christians from all over the world hold grand commemoration ceremonies. Christmas was originally a holiday for Christians. Because people pay special attention to it, it has become a national holiday, the country's most grand holiday of the year.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25. It is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. For two thousand years, people all over the world have been observing it with religious and secular traditions and customs. Christians celebrate Christmas as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. He is a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion. Popular customs include exchanging gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, attending church, eating with family and friends, and of course waiting for Santa’s arrival.


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I think you are also very curious about how people all over the world celebrate the coming Christmas. Let’s learn about it with me.



United States: Plenty of gifts under the Christmas tree
Because the United States is a country composed of many ethnic groups, the circumstances in which Americans celebrate Christmas are also the most complicated. Immigrants from various countries still follow the customs of their home countries.
On Christmas Eve, they paid great attention to home furnishings, placing Christmas trees, stuffing socks with gifts, eating turkey-based Christmas dinners, and holding family dances.
United Kingdom: Roast turkey must be eaten at Christmas
British people pay most attention to eating at Christmas. Food includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie and so on.


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Germany: Every house has a Christmas tree
Every family in Germany who believes in Jesus has a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the first in Germany. The German Christmas food is gingerbread, which is a small snack between cakes and biscuits. Traditional gingerbread is made of honey and peppercorns. It is sweet and spicy and has a stimulating taste.
France: Mass + Reunion

In Segers in central France, there must be heavy snow for a few days before and after Christmas every year. The white snow is refreshing. In the eyes of Westerners, white Christmas is a kind of auspiciousness.
The average adult in France almost goes to the church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family went to the home of the oldest married brother or sister to reunite for dinner. In this gathering, we discussed important matters in the family, but when there were family members who were in harmony, the past was relieved. Everyone will be reconciled as before, so Christmas is a benevolent day in France.
Spain: Christmas + Three Kings Day
Italy: Christmas Jesus + Mass + Thanks to parents
Every Italian family has a model scene of the story of the birth of Jesus.
therefore! No matter where you are from, you can feel the atmosphere of people celebrating Christmas, respect the holiday culture of each country, and enjoy the joy of the holiday.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance and harvest more sweetness in the new year!
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