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company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade

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son personas muy serias y muy amables, los recomiendo--Colombia

—— leonardo rua

ordered12 coin pushers, very satisfying on workmanship, most units completed, lights were good working, Good quality control. salesperson did a great job--USA

—— Daniel Esteves

Very Satisfied,This is completely different from traditional boxing. There are three ways to play this boxing.The first is that it can measure your strength, then measure your speed, and your reaction ability.Secondly, what surprises me about this machine is that it can have coke as a prize, lottery tickets as a prize or some small gifts.Love it

—— Ingram jacoblngemar

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Company News
6 Best Dance Machine Arcade
Latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade

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Where are the dancing machines that many players are calling for?

I believe that many friends who love to dance, seeing the Dance Rush video streaming out on the Internet, are already overwhelmed with excitement and want to have a try. However, after searching for a long time, I found that even the closest machine to us is in Hong Kong, which is far away. This makes many players very anxious. However, some Guangdong players who are "close to the water tower" still regularly go to Hong Kong to play. Although they can't play long after queuing up, it can't stop their enthusiasm. After all, such a dazzling dance machine, with such cool dance steps, will attract countless fans everywhere.


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  • Dance Rush by -UNIS

Dancing Step is a stunning work jointly created by UNIS Technology and the originator of the dancing machine Konami. It is also built to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the first dancing machine DDR (Chinese translation of "Hot Dance Revolution"). The dance music is based on Japanese music and popular songs, and the dance moves for play are based on ghost dance, and professional dance moves are programmed. The appearance of the machine is based on the sensor panel of the LED stage design and spotlights, giving the machine stage attributes and providing players with a platform to show themselves.


latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade  2

2.E Dance Machine

E dance become famous is a new generation of domestic video arcade machine independently developed and produced in China. It combines the most popular street dance in the world and is a new concept dance machine developed for dance lovers. It combines dance, music, lighting, etc. A new interpretation, with fancy performance as the main route, with a variety of game modes, dance styles, and online battles and rankings through the Internet. It is the preferred stage for many dance machine players!


E5ONLINE is the online version of E dance fame. It is the core version of the development and implementation of our E5 culture based on the hip-hop culture. On the premise of not changing the basic gameplay of E dance become famous dance machine, the online version takes advantage of the network to meet the various needs of players.

E dance becomes famous using 3D engine production, real-time rendering of the game screen, world-class 3D characters, scenes and special effects, through the motion capture device to capture the production of dance effects that are exactly the same as the real dance movements, which can be interacted with the game and the players. Real-time interaction allows players and spectators to integrate into the virtual scene very easily.

E dance became famous in its gameplay, not only has the traditional two-player cooperation, competition, PK, two-pedal, mixing and other modes, but also added a new two-person couple mode, the original ecological fighting dance mode that is suitable for professional players to exchange and learn more. USB mode with its own tracks. The rich game mode expands the audience of the dancing machine, improves the practicality of the dancing machine, and creates a positive, healthy and energetic entertainment atmosphere for the business place.

Moreover, the innovation of E dance's fame is also reflected in the choreography and song selection. It not only retains the classic mode of the previous generation DSS song and dance essence, but also has a new professional style and dance style E dance mode; for new and old players All brought fresh feelings and a strong desire to challenge!

competition rules:

1. Except for the learning mode, mixing mode, fighting dance mode, DIY mode, USB mode, WEF league mode, the competition is not allowed to participate in the competition, and the other modes can participate in the competition;

2. During the check-in and lottery, if the contestant still fails to show up after three roll-calls, it will be treated as an automatic waiver.

3. During the competition, the blood bar shows empty (the red cross is the boundary), which means that the competition result is invalid, and the judges will not give a score;

4. This competition is a team of 2-5 people participating in the whole process, and the song setting is not allowed to be scored. Otherwise, it will be processed according to judgment F

5. If required by the plot, to assist the contestants in their performances or deliver props to the contestants, they must not stand on the machine with the contestants at the same time, or stand next to the dance machine during the contest period, and deliver them to the contestants. Auxiliary props and auxiliary role as a plot performance.

6. The game is a one-round system, and the champion, runner-up and third runner-up will be directly determined.


  • The competition is based on the judges' scoring as the constant score standard;



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3.Dancing in the Sky 2-Colorful Park

Compared with the previous dance game consoles, the difference of "Dancing Method 2" is that you can learn dance steps from the characters in the game. Feel free to choose the most popular dance steps you want to learn, you can master the music beats and learn your favorite dance steps in the game. The player follows the dancers on the screen to make movements with the rhythm of the dance music. So when the dancer moves to the left, please follow him to move to the left; and when the dancer moves to the right, please also move to the right together, and your hands and feet respond in return. Please pay attention to the red outlines on the dancers' hands and feet. As long as your movements can't keep up with the dancers, such outlines will appear, telling the player which part of the movement needs to be strengthened.

Most of the current trends in the dance machine market are geared towards master dancers, and some novices are not very favored. It is difficult for players to understand the fun of dancing with the pointer of the cursor arrow, and "Dancing Method 2 Generation" just provides a teaching platform for novices. Players who want to learn to dance can imitate the dance steps in the game and provide original dances. Instruct experts to teach step by step, and master the music beat faster. The character dance teaching of the game determines the correctness of the player's dance gestures, and it is shown incisively on the latest somatosensory operation console. It can be described as a breakthrough in conventional dance game consoles and will make players an enviable dancer.


"Dancing in the Sky 2" also adds a brand new two-person hot dance, which can dance with the dancers; the hot European and American pop music and exquisite game graphics are popular among young players. With cool black styling, simple atmosphere, and gorgeous stage lighting, the domineering stage will be the first choice for the hot spot and revenue of all kinds of game arcades.


latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade  4

  • Dance Cube

In today's fierce commercial arcade market, somatosensory video games immediately became the focus of the public as soon as they appeared, and "Dancing Cube" is an emerging somatosensory game product that keeps up with the pace of the times and interacts with humans. Somatosensory video game is a 3D somatosensory camera that uses real-time dynamic capture, image recognition, microphone input, and voice recognition to control the game through your own body and realize the technology of interacting with virtual games. With its almost magical human-computer interaction method, with the help of the motion sensing camera, the player can directly control the game with the body without using any handle, joystick, mouse or other remote control, without adapting to the joystick and buttons on the gamepad. The threshold for players to play games has been greatly reduced. All the control of the game characters is done in the most natural way. Whether it is a table tennis swing or a bowling hit, you only need to pose as in reality, which can be said to be a revolution in the arcade market. Sexual technology.

latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade  5

5.plateresque- Baohui

Baohui is also a company established in the 1990s, compared to Wahlap, its position in the international market is much lower. Perhaps it’s because it focuses mainly on the Chinese market!

Baohui is also a comprehensive manufacturer in arcade games. It does not have many well-known brands of game machines like Wahlap, since most of them are based on independent research and development. This also makes it difficult for their arcade simulators to meet the standards of the European and American markets.

Baohui’s dance machines are the main product of the company. Due to the poor operation of some foreign brands, claw machines have a lower reputation in foreign markets, but it has always had a very active customer base in China.

How to play the machine:

1. Put in tokens.

2. (Swipe the card or insert the U disk) Press the middle yellow button or step on the middle yellow pedal.

3. Control the left and right/back movement to select the song, press the middle yellow button or step on the middle yellow pedal to confirm the song.

4. The game starts.

Machine features:

1. Brand-new fashion frame, adding cool lighting design, which makes people shine.

2. The collection of new songs has been increased.

3. A camera is added, and players can take photos of the dance and share it on the official website forum after recording.

4. Added PIU official personal information network card, which is more convenient to carry.

5. Higher-level upgrade game mode, the machine will automatically upgrade the program function when the machine is connected to the network and the song will be automatically updated.

latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade  6

6.Hyun dance-Colorful Park

It is a new generation of domestic video arcade machine independently developed, designed and produced by Colorful Park, combined with the most popular international street dance, and a new concept dance machine developed for dance lovers. It has a brand-new interpretation of dance, music, lighting, video, etc. It uses video battle as the main route, has a variety of game modes, dance styles, and can perform online dance competition rankings and see the opponent's posture in real time. Ranking is the preferred stage for many dance machine players.


latest company news about 6 Best Dance Machine Arcade  7

7.Danz Base-Wahlap
Wahlap was founded in the 1990s, and is one of the earliest game manufacturers in China.
Most of the main arcade game products are with the European style, and since a long time ago, the global market has been targeted, in order to fabricate arcade games delicately. In the early 2000s, Chinese manufacturers started to work with large-scale game developers such as Sega, Namco Amusements, also to contract some of these companies’ arcade equipment. The manufacturers also started to introduce arcade games from these mainstream game companies to the Chinese market.
Among them, the dance game (Danz Base), the racing game (arcade stage 5) and the sh
ooting game (The House Of the Dead) all attracted a lot of noise in China.
Wahlap also has a claw machine in the category of vending machines. However, because of the low profitability of this sort of equipment, Wahlap did not spend a lot of effort. In turn, there are not many types of claw machines of Wahlap.
Even so, there is a top-notch quality of the Wahlap claw machines. Even comparing with some well-known manufacturers in Europe and America, they’re very outstanding. In terms of price, it has to match with its first-class brand undoubtedly. Among the many manufacturers in China, the price of claw machines would be the highest.
If you put the brand and quality of claw machines as top priority, and have sufficient budget, then I’d suggest you buy claw machines from Wahlap.


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