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company news about 5Tips for Runing a Claw Machine

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Very Satisfied,This is completely different from traditional boxing. There are three ways to play this boxing.The first is that it can measure your strength, then measure your speed, and your reaction ability.Secondly, what surprises me about this machine is that it can have coke as a prize, lottery tickets as a prize or some small gifts.Love it

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Company News
5Tips for Runing a Claw Machine
Latest company news about 5Tips for Runing a Claw Machine

Many people have seen claw crane machines or claw machines in shopping malls, game halls, subway entrances, supermarkets, amusement parks, and other places. Site selection, placement of gift machines, etc., are all factors that amusement park operators should consider when operating gift machines.

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Claw machines can be said to be popular machines or non-popular machines. Their existence has a certain history, but at the same time, gift machines have always been popular among consumers. It is an indicator of the market positioning of an entertainment venue. Pure entertainment venues cannot be profitable if they don't pay attention to gift machines. Therefore, the role of gift equipment for video game venues cannot be underestimated.


So, how should venue operators operate gift machines?

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First, the choice of dolls should pay attention to four elements.


one look. The proportion of the doll depends on the color matching of the clothes; the stitching method, the thread end, no violent mouth, no cotton leakage at the sealing, the sewing spacing is not very thin (there is no thread exposed, the workmanship is rough), and the quality is generally good The dolls are better, they won’t leak the bottom, won’t skip stitches, and won’t be deformed; look at the plastic eyes and nose and other small accessories, look at the gloss, whether there is abrasion, whether there is shaking from side to side, whether the surface layer will fall off easily; Looking at the trademark, generally there are branded dolls, the place name and ingredients are clearly written on the trademark, then their quality is guaranteed, and it is convenient for consumers to complain and suggest. On the contrary, there is no trademark or only written very GM's "Made in China" products are generally not as good as those with trademarks;


Second touch. What kind of cotton it is, it feels good to the touch, its weight is high, whether it is pure cotton or long-staple or space cotton, etc. Many genuine dolls use regular PP cotton. Nowadays, dolls are generally pure cotton. It’s best if you can open it. If you can’t open it, you can knead and knead it by hand. Generally, the filling in a good-quality doll is not bad, and it will be very soft.


Three smells. Whether the cotton inside the doll has a peculiar smell or whether it is easy to fade, the domestic counterfeit PP cotton will have a very obvious peculiar smell when it is opened. Imported genuine PP cotton basically has no peculiar smell, and the color of the cotton is absolutely pure and white, and some children will not be toxic if they accidentally eat it in their mouths, and those fake fillings with peculiar smell will be given to children. Health has an impact.


Four beats. Many people like to lie on a doll or use it as a pillow. The pirated doll will wrinkle for a long time, but the genuine one will not. It will return to its original state after a few shots.


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Of course, the selection of gifts such as "dolls" above is limited to some ordinary dolls, not all dolls. Every detail of the claw machine is very important. It pays attention to the placement of gifts or the machine itself, color matching, arrangement, etc., but the most important point is that it can "attract the eye" and make people brighten up and want to catch the doll. Desire.



Second, the principle of purchasing dolls.


The key point of the claw machine is to choose beautiful dolls that the public likes, so we ask ourselves to spend some thought on purchasing dolls.

1. Popular nowadays

Often nowadays popular cartoon images, network images, film and television images, or images produced by manufacturers ingeniously are our better choices when buying dolls, but we must grasp the popularity of such dolls when choosing popular dolls nowadays. Validity period. Some dolls may be all the rage and be left behind. Of course, there are many varieties that have been popular for a long time, and series of dolls will be launched.

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2. Retro style, era style

Often retro-style dolls are very popular with some players. The memories of the age can sometimes be found in our doll gifts so that they have a special feeling for this kind of doll. The notable manifestation of the era style is the 80-90 family. So the chronology is also an important factor we consider. Of course, we must also consider the aesthetics and mentality of the crowd in other eras.


3. Classification of types.

A cute type, B cool and handsome type, C spoof type, D special shape, E practical type, F series type. The above 6 types of dolls are the main types, and their characteristics are repeated and superimposed. We must integrate and choose when choosing dolls.


4. Player's suggestions. We also respect the opinions of the players in the doll selection as with other machine promotion and communicate with the players to understand what type of dolls the players like to purchase. Of course, we have to follow the advice of most players.


5. Update the time of the doll. (Detailed doll and new schedule or doll and new cycle)


6. According to the detailed rules of player update, we must have me grasp the variety and quantity of dolls ordered. Avoid the backlog and obsolescence of dolls as much as possible.


7. Considering the cost, we have to consider the price of the doll. The price cannot be too far from the price of the doll we usually buy.

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Third, pay attention to the formation of a "gift culture", combine reality, and communicate with customers and venue staff more often.


Grasping the gifts in the claw machine can gradually form a culture, and finally, develop into a culture. For example, the style of the surface of the gift machine is not necessarily imitating the foreign British style, European and American style, etc., we can make the claw machine into a Chinese style, such as "Green leather trains, China's high-speed rail, China's plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum" and so on. Let the doll shop form a kind of art exhibition hall, and then adopt various modes to sell dolls, first form a culture and then earn money.


For the operation of gift machines. Small profits but quick turnover must be achieved in the early stage of operation. You must interact with customers and tell them what material the dolls are made of. Over time, a culture will be formed, such as introducing the story of the doll itself or the story of the gift machine itself to the customer. The gift machine has more knowledge and a positive cultural atmosphere is formed imperceptibly instead of just grabbing dolls or redeeming gifts.


The revenue of general gift equipment can account for 30% of the total revenue, and some can even reach more than 40%. Good gifts can challenge the player's psychology-"I want to try to pick them up even if I buy them"; gifts are the main factor to attract customers, so you must choose more fashionable, beautiful, collectible, and ornamental gifts.


It is best to have creative gifts that can stimulate players' desire to possess and guide players' continuous consumption. The appearance is suitable for people of different ages and personalities, the value can be separated by a certain distance, and the size must be appropriate. The gifts should be genuine, the dolls should be displayed with characteristics, and the customers must be able to grasp the adjustment in terms of debugging.

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Operators must combine the suggestions of gift exchange staff and customers, suggest purchasing local special gifts or corporate purchasing uniformly. If you find popular gifts, you can buy gifts that have the same tendency and similarities.


The way of entertainment is different in each place. In the south, there are claw machines in many places. However, in the north or some remote places, consumers have different consumer demands and consumer psychology for claw machines. Therefore, operators must follow the actual situation. If you choose gifts and operate gift machines, if you blindly follow suit, you may not be satisfied in the end.


Dolls are just an alternative carrier. In fact, they are an alternative to gifts. Dolls must be of high quality and not deceive consumers.

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Fourth, the selection of models should be reasonable, and the layout should be paid attention to.


Taking into account the size of the venue and the matching of different gift types, such as general shopping malls and supermarkets, there are customers of all ages, and the configuration of gift machines should be relatively complete: such as sugar diggers, ice cream machines, and claw machines. In the introduction of machines, in addition to considering the investment amount and site factors, the market atmosphere must also be considered in addition to the introduction of gifts, warehouse area, and labor costs.


Choosing a gift machine with a low failure rate and ensuring the normal operation of the gift machine is a prerequisite for equipment operation and operation, so you should be cautious when purchasing and selecting models, and you must not blindly.

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The relatively simple game content can extend the operating life of the gift machine. Don't treat gift machines as gaming machines, because players are only interested in gifts, not game content. Gift machines with strong game elements will tire players after a period of operation, and ultimately lead to a decline in the turnover of gift machines.


As a gift machine, it should be convenient for gift display. It can let customers know the gifts in the gift machine at a glance. A good gift machine should be easy to operate and can maintain the daily operation of the store.


For the layout of the gift machine:


1. Make good use of the storefront or the golden location near the counter. It is recommended that the right hand when entering the store is the best place to put the gift machine. Most people have the habit of entering from the right and then turning out to the left.


2. Choose a relatively quiet area. Stay away from the noisy machine, we know that the prize is controlled by chance, too loud will affect the performance.


3. The placement should not be too scattered, it is best to make a separate area, which is convenient for entertainment and packaging. It can also be divided into two areas, one is the entrance of the store, and the other is a separate area, either near the checkout counter, or forming a concentrated circle with some lottery machines in the middle of the venue.

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Fifth, it is necessary to have a degree of machine debugging, understand the psychology of customers, and grasp the revenue.

Regarding the debugging of the machine, it is generally not too difficult to set the chance of winning. Each start-up is measured according to the cost of the gift, and the gross profit margin is generally 30%~50%. The most important thing for customers to catch dolls is to pay attention to the degree of experience. If there are multiple crane machines in the same venue, it is best to set a lower gross profit margin, so that customers can catch them relatively easily on the basis of ensuring profitability. More expensive gifts can increase the difficulty appropriately. (For reference only, it depends on the specific reaction of the guests).


The data adjustment of the machine varies from store to store, but it should be noted that the operation should try to adjust more and observe more. Do a good job of gift entry and exit registration and currency collection records. It is necessary to observe the customer's play status, such as: is it the gift preference, or the return rate of the machine itself is high, adjusted to stabilize, generally involving the cost of gifts, on average Currency value, except for the proposed return rate. The random instructions cannot be trusted, so I still believe in my own observations and data collection.


In the past, the principle of misunderstanding in the use of claw machines in-game halls was to "make the guests as little as possible to catch gifts", but the current video game city generally requires the game's "relative fairness principle" to allow guests as much as possible on the basis of ensuring profits. Caught a gift. The successful catch of the gifts by the guests will drive the lively atmosphere of the venue, and at the same time will arouse other guests' interest in the claw machine, and can also get a good publicity effect. Thereby forming a virtuous circle of "both people and wealth".

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Don't simply consider the revenue of a certain machine, but focus on the increase in overall revenue. When the machine is stable, we can try to do some promotional activities. For example, many stores have made two-for-one-for-one-folding, and one-for-one for three-folding. After collecting a set of dolls, you can also get a gift.


Only when the "currency value" is higher than the estimated value will be used for gift promotion (to gain popularity through loss-making activities), and for the "currency value" to be stable for gift marketing (profit activities will be used for benefit).


Of course, promotions can not only bring more profits to the store but also a lot of helplessness to the store. It is like knowing that there is a quagmire in front of us, but we have to jump down. The question left to us is how to use the promotion strategy reasonably.


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