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Use These 10 Ideas To Create A Great Themed Game Room In Romania

China Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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son personas muy serias y muy amables, los recomiendo--Colombia

—— leonardo rua

ordered12 coin pushers, very satisfying on workmanship, most units completed, lights were good working, Good quality control. salesperson did a great job--USA

—— Daniel Esteves

Very Satisfied,This is completely different from traditional boxing. There are three ways to play this boxing.The first is that it can measure your strength, then measure your speed, and your reaction ability.Secondly, what surprises me about this machine is that it can have coke as a prize, lottery tickets as a prize or some small gifts.Love it

—— Ingram jacoblngemar

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Use These 10 Ideas To Create A Great Themed Game Room In Romania

November 11, 2021
Latest company case about Use These 10 Ideas To Create A Great Themed Game Room In Romania


Use These 10 Ideas To Create A Great Themed Game Room In Romania



Arcade games and children’s game consoles became popular in Romania for a reason. Playrooms and parks are so popular for a reason: regardless of age, we only want to play at the end of the day (or all day and night). Have fun. If space permits, having your own game room is a game changer. To get some ideas for playrooms suitable for children and adults, you have to make your playroom the best entertainment space nearby. Here, the game room carefully shot by the designer for the Romania merchants is very cool. You can finally cancel the season ticket of the local amusement park. It is currently in grand opening.


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The arcade amusement center is a business place with at least 50 amusement game machines or machines in the amusement equipment site, as a real amusement facility for the public and tourists to entertain.
The arcade amusement center has 10 to 49 amusement games or machines in the venue, which are used to entertain the public and tourists as real subsidiary amusement facilities.


The following games are opened in the game hall in Romania:

video games
Arcade video games are games that most people are familiar with, including driving games and fighting games. The purpose is for entertainment, competition, and high scores. Tickets or prizes are provided.
Video game types: advanced, air hockey/sports, driving, shooting, environment, fighting, simulator, pinball.
• Pinball: Deadpool Pro Pinball, The Munsters Pro Pinball
• Paid videos: Virtual Rabbids, Halo: Fireteam Raven, Jurassic Park Arcade
• Air hockey/sports: AirFX, black hole air hockey
• Driving: Super Bike 3, MotoGP, American Daytona Championship, Nitro Trucks
• Shooting: Big Buck HD Wild, Big Buck Hunter reloaded
• Fighting: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Injustice Arcade
• Emulator: Typhoon, XD Dark Ride


Redemption games are generally games of skill that reward players for achieving higher scores. The player plays for experience and competition, but primarily for E-Ticket accumulation to redeem high-quality prizes at the redemption center.

Redemption Types: Stop the Wheel/Light, Sports, Video Redemption, App to Arcade, Carnival/Alley/Ball, Coin Pusher/ Collectable Card, Ticket Bundle RFID, Water Gun, Whacking.


Arcade game type


Air hockey
These games are always popular with children and adults. It is easy for guests to be completely immersed in the action. Before long, they will be so focused on the next goal and forget about any other things that might happen around them.

Basketball arcade game
Basketball is not only one of the most popular sports in the United States; it is also one of its favorite arcade games. Some guests just want to beat their friends in a one-on-one game, while other guests want to enter the area and try to create new high scores. There is nothing wrong with playing these great games.

Arcade boxing game
Almost every group of friends has one person who thinks they are stronger and stronger than the others. These boxing arcade games can determine who is correct. You may hear cheers, laughter, and bragging from guests using these machines.

Crane/claw machine
Winning the competition of stuffed animals or toys means that the claw machine is always one of the most popular attractions in any arcade. You will find the guests point out the prizes they want to win and guide each other in which direction to move their paws. When they win, there will surely be cheers.

Electronic dart board
Guests like to show off their steady hands and eagle eyes in a friendly game of darts. However, the electronic dart board can take their fun to a whole new level. For traditional games, the board can track their scores without the need for napkin math. If your guests want to mix up a bit, they can also choose to play one of the other dart games built into the electronic board.

Children's play equipment
These amusement facilities allow children to escape to a world full of adventure and excitement without leaving the arcade. From cars to trains and everything in between, when sitting on one of the rides, children’s imagination is really endless. So if you hear them asking if their mom or dad can go again, don't be surprised!

Mini bowling
Bowling has long been one of the most popular entertainment activities in the United States. By installing a mini bowling ball in your arcade, you can allow guests to recreate the excitement of a traditional bowling alley without taking up a lot of space. Although the game is smaller, the fun and excitement are bigger and better than ever!

Pinball machine
When guests think of arcade machines, pinball machines are usually one of the first games that come to mind. But, of course, these great games are not only popular and nostalgic; they are also fun. So don’t be surprised when you see guests spend a lot of time on these machines trying to create new high scores.


The customers of the amusement equipment hall this time are very satisfied and hope that more and more people will come to the store to experience it.




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