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company news about What are best tips for the Family Fun Center

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Company News
What are best tips for the Family Fun Center
Latest company news about What are best tips for the Family Fun Center

Chain management is a seemingly easy copying process, but it is not. The Family Fun Center has many similarities with the catering business, and there are many catering brands that have been successfully chained in the world, such as KFC, McDonald’s, Real Kung Fu, Dicos, etc., on the issue of how to chain operations, the Family Fun Center can learn from these fast food companies success.


1. Chain form of Family Fun Center 

Chain form Formal chain Free chain Franchise chain
Decision-making Headquarters made Refer to the headquarters
The shop has greater autonomy
Based on the headquarters,
Supplemented by franchise stores
funds Headquarters funded Franchise investment Franchise investment
Franchise Non-independent Independence Independence
Branch manager Headquarters appointment Franchise owner Franchise owner
Commodity source Via headquarters Most of them go through the head office, the department
Purchase by yourself
Supplied by headquarters
Price management Headquarters regulations Free In principle the headquarters
Promotion Headquarters unified
Free to join Headquarters unified real
Headquarters and branches close
All in one Arbitrary community Business philosophy
The branch is recommended to the general
Ministry’s influence
No Big small
The branch is turned over to the headquarters
Guidance fee
No 5% or less More than 5%
Contract binding Headquarters regulations Loose tough
The contract stipulates joining
No More than one year More than five years
Appearance image Exactly the same Basically the same exactly the same


The above is the analysis of linkage patterns given by linkage researchers. Chain stores are divided into direct-operated stores and franchised stores. A chain enterprise with a mature management model can adopt a franchise chain (for example: McDonald’s fast-food restaurant); a chain enterprise whose core competitiveness is not strong or is purely for the purpose of selling self-branded products can adopt a free chain model (for example: a cosmetics company or Clothing stores); when the management mode of chain enterprises is groping or is not yet sound, formal chaining (for example: real kung fu) should be adopted.

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In the Family Fun Center industry, the existing chain should be an enterprise chain that is groping. From the analysis of the above chain forms, I personally feel that we should choose a formal chain, that is, open direct stores, unified management, unified execution, and unified planning. This can achieve consistent corporate execution direction.


2. Abandon society's old concept of game consoles

People know the video game city from the early Family Fun Center attracted many elementary and middle school students, and the game shows made it easy for these students to indulge, causing opposition from many parents. This is probably the first bad impression people have of the Family Fun Center.

latest company news about What are best tips for the Family Fun Center  1

As the operator of the Family Fun Center, how to avoid people's discrimination or negative evaluation of this industry is a problem worthy of study. Here are a few comments for your reference.

①Improve the business environment of the Family Fun Center (focus on decoration);

②Improve the service awareness of the Family Fun Center (service standardization);

③Improve the entertainability of game programs in the Family Fun Center;

④ Add a "regular store" or "pure entertainment" to the store name of the Family Fun Center;

⑤In addition to redeeming lottery tickets, the video game city can also redeem other consumer coupons (co-marketing) to eliminate cash; programs similar to ****** can be approved by a starting point, and if the customer reaches a point, the first prize will be awarded , Second prize, encouragement award, etc. to give rewards;

⑥The video game city can hold some educational activities for game programs, or arrange some interesting programs to change the parents' impression of the video game city;

⑦In non-peak hours, middle-aged and elderly people in the surrounding communities can be invited to participate in the experience game program;

⑧Increase positive image publicity in the formal media, and special entertainment programs can find health image messengers;


3. Establish the market positioning of the Family Fun Center

The image positioning of the video game city: "sunshine, health, fashion, leisure and entertainment".

Target market: According to market intelligence, in terms of Family Fun Center, the most commonly used market segmentation method is "demographic factors", and other factors such as regional factors, customer psychological factors and customer consumption behavior factors are less used. Among the demographic variables, "age" and "occupation" are the most commonly used; the video game city focuses on young people as the main target market (males and females aged 6-35).

Market positioning: The Family Fun Center should be young and lively as its appeal, and provide a brisk leisure and entertainment environment. At the same time, you can also consider positioning with high quality and high price, giving consumers the impression that the product is better than the competition and the price is more expensive than the competition. In addition, it can also work hard to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the market positioning of Family Fun Center chain stores should tend to shape the positioning strategy of "attracting leisure and entertainment of target customers". Through this positioning, the Family Fun Center actively shapes its own charm and unique style.


4. Core competitiveness

Any individual, enterprise or business activity, if it is to survive, at the very least, it should have a certain core competitiveness, and the Family Fun Center should be no exception. The core competitiveness of the video game city is reflected in the following aspects:

①The overall environment of the service place;

②The geographic location of the service place;

③Standardization of services;

④The quality of video game equipment;

⑤The level of service personnel;

⑥Participation of marketing methods;

5. Standardization

As a chain enterprise, the management of Family Fun Center should have its own set of industry standards, so that it is convenient for branches to directly introduce management. If there is no standard, each store will be its own business, and the "chain" will deviate from its essential meaning. According to the standards of other successful service industry chain enterprises, the standards of the video game city should include:

①The rules and regulations of chain enterprises;

②Site decoration standards;

③Employee handbook;

④Post management manual;

⑤Handbook for post personnel training and development;

⑥ Financial management manual;

⑦Procurement management manual;

⑧Criteria for selection of video game equipment;

⑨ Maintenance management manual of video game equipment;

⑩Marketing planning standards;



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