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company news about New Game plays of Claw Crane Machines!

China Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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son personas muy serias y muy amables, los recomiendo--Colombia

—— leonardo rua

ordered12 coin pushers, very satisfying on workmanship, most units completed, lights were good working, Good quality control. salesperson did a great job--USA

—— Daniel Esteves

Very Satisfied,This is completely different from traditional boxing. There are three ways to play this boxing.The first is that it can measure your strength, then measure your speed, and your reaction ability.Secondly, what surprises me about this machine is that it can have coke as a prize, lottery tickets as a prize or some small gifts.Love it

—— Ingram jacoblngemar

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Company News
New Game plays of Claw Crane Machines!
Latest company news about New Game plays of Claw Crane Machines!

Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (short for Colorful Park) is main manufacturer of claw crane machines, Colorful Park has been committed to creating excellent products and rejecting any substandard products, helping clients to stand out and stand apart. In the future, Colorful Park will work together with business partners for a great achievement under the tenet of faithful, honest, and. careful.

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More than just catching dolls
With more than 10 years of development, crane machines have become popular and can be easily played in many parks and amusement attractions. But for the machine itself, there are no other upgrading functions except mobile payment, remote management, and mini-programs. Therefore, innovative gameplays may bring a new chapter to the crane machine industry. Wang Qinghu, the general manager of Colorful Park, said that new gameplays of crane machines have huge potential.

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while the original crane machine market has reached the saturation point.
Up to now, Colorful Park has developed more than 10 new gameplays for crane machines, including drinks, hooking, lucky rolling balls, interlocking, puncture balloons, frog rolling dice, elephant ring-toss, dinosaur coming out, magic rainbow balls, and honeycomb rainbow balls, to name a few. All of these have been applied to the crane machines in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., and the Chinese arcade chain brands like Super Player, Party House, FlyHigh, City of Sky, Wanda Kids, and so on since May 2020. Collocating with professional operating teams, their real revenue can reach more than 300% of the original machines'.
There are two main features of Colorful Park products. One is that they provide fair competition to the players as well as to ensure customers' revenue at the same time. From the perspective of players. Colorful Park has changed the traditional gameplay into a relatively fair one, which helps to catch more visitors' eyes and add more popularity to the park. Another is that the machines are now flexible and adjustable. The machines allow upgrading new gameplays by changing the upper part of the structure instead of the mainboards.

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Forging ahead, Service first
"There is no sunset industry but a sunset enterprise." according to Wang Qinghu. Although COVID-19 brings severe challenges for all industries, the elimination mechanism still exists. To the amusement enterprises.it is important to keep innovative, boosting its own competitiveness, and forming an effective operating mode especially under the circumstance of economic downturn and pandemic. For Colorful Park, the sliding st the crane machine market in a way is the opportunity to get a breakthrough. No matter which promotions in network platforms, magazines, or other forms, the crane machines with new gameplays featuring fair competition and providing high revenue have been coming out like mushrooms after the rain in the traditional crane machine market, and become popular with the players.

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In addition, business philosophy is a guideline for an enterprise." Service in priority" is the development concept and core competence of Colorful Park. It interprets the core value of" customer-centric" with practical actions and continues to promote its customer service as well as the upgrading of products, aiming to be a more professional and intelligent enterprise.
In the future, the amusement industry will move towards diversification and normalization and the investors will also be more accurate and professional. In this regard.
Colorful Park will keep pursuing the high recognition of the market, exploring more innovative gameplays and optimizing the defects of crane machines, to extend the direction of the whole set of products as well as providing an all-around service to its customers


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