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company news about 10 Best Amusement Arcade Game Hall in the United State

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Company News
10 Best Amusement Arcade Game Hall in the United State
Latest company news about 10 Best Amusement Arcade Game Hall in the United State

Are you a video game lover? Due to the industrial transformation, many old electronic game halls have been forced to close, and there are only a few game halls that deserve more attention from game lovers. Nowadays, more and more fees are paid, profit is less and less, and the business model of some game halls has also changed. They have introduced new types of equipment, but there are still some game halls that continue to control the style of the past and make people look for My own time. Let us follow the sight of the "toplessrobot" website to experience it!

Timeline Game Hall-Hanover, Pennsylvania

This game hall is famous for its special pretzels, where you can choose traditional video games, pinball machines

Or the various games of Atari 2600. The timeline game hall was originally located in the commercial center, and later moved to the city center, along with popular music and galleries.

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Pinball Hall of Fame-Las Vegas, Nevada

Not many people know about the Pinball Hall of Fame. There are 152 traditional and exotic game machines. All machines are operating normally, and the proceeds are used for the maintenance of game consoles and the charity of the Salvation Army. Similar companies, such as the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, have been forced to close down. Although the Pinball Hall of Fame has no other selling points, it has survived.

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Yestercades — Red Bank, New Jersey

Another great game hall is Yestercades. There are old game consoles and new game consoles that are popular recently. A large part of the reason why Yestercades is famous is because of its unique geographical location. There is a well-known comic book called "Jie and Bob's Counterattack", but in reality, Yestercades is very close to where the hero in the comic book hides. Come here to play games, you must be a worthwhile trip, Yestercades will surely satisfy your gaming pleasure quickly.

Donkey Kong Game Hall — Orlando International Airport, Florida

Although the Donkey Kong Game Hall is relatively small, there are quite a few types of game consoles. It can be said that although the sparrow is small, it has five internal organs. The decorative picture on the wall is from the Donkey Kong game, and the logo has the feel of the cover of the document CD. The boss sells his signature behind the counter, and he never misses the opportunity to take photos with game enthusiasts.

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Star World Game Hall-DeKalb, Illinois

All the decorations on the wall belong to the 80s. In a small space, the pictures on the wall can always easily remind people of the scenes of B.O games. What "Star World Game Hall" lacks is space and technology. This game hall was opened in 27 years and was the first hotbed of "Pacman" games. Surprisingly, this store has not changed places since it has been open for so many years. Perhaps, this game hall does not have many new-style game consoles, but here, people can travel through time and go back to their own era in the past.

Barcade—Brooklyn, New York

Opened in 2004, Barcade has 43 classic video games and also offers craft beer. This attracts video game enthusiasts from all directions. Here, you can often see some game record holders. Currently, Barcade has stores in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. This game hall is definitely worth a visit.

1-UP—Denver, Colorado

"1-UP" is located in Denver, a perfect combination of bar and game hall. Here you can enjoy 14 kinds of beer, and there are also a large number of traditional games and new games such as "Layer" waiting for you to experience. 1-UP can almost meet the needs of all people. One of the highlights here is to have the latest game consoles. The other things to eat are also worth mentioning. 1-UP burgers are usually filled with donuts. If you want to experience the loss of taste, try the unique cheese sandwich or the "Total Carnage" burger. The pepper and other spices in it will surely numb your tongue. Every year there will be high-level players from the "King Kong War", and everyone competes for the highest honor.

Ground Kontrol Game Hall-Portland, Oregon

When it comes to "Ground Kontrol", almost everyone knows it. This is Portland's favorite. It has been in operation since 1999, and it was one of the earliest bar and game halls at that time. All the decorations here are all video game themes. There is no noise of video games. On the contrary, there are live DJ performances every night, with different themes every night, and there are even post-80s-themed performances. There are regular pinball games here. Whether you are a video game fan or not, you will love this place.

Marvin's Amazing Machinery Museum-Farmington Hills, Michigan

The museum began collecting coin-operated gaming equipment in 1960. From motorized toys to electric cars, video games and pinball machines. The museum has collected a lot of unusual things. Electric puppies, weird performances, electric shock equipment, gender testing machines, and electronic game machines and pinball machines of every age. This museum was named the most unusual museum in the United States by the year of the world.

Marty Playground-Ocean City, Maryland

The earliest existing video game city began in 1937. Stepping into this amusement park is like taking a time machine to a previous era. The first thing that catches your eyes is a game console with a strange shape. On the left hand side are rows of ski ball equipment, crowded with people of all ages, and people standing in front of the excavator. Many pinball machines are kept here, and some ancient game machines that are not easy to operate are also collected. In 2008, there was a big fire here, and it reopened 6 days later. The owner of the amusement park stated that neither fire, hurricane nor economic crisis can force the amusement park to close.

Beating Double Shadow-Brookfield, Illinois

There are more than 400 games here, and you can spend one day at night here for only $15. All equipment is free, no extra charge. The boss here is full of memories of the 90s. The most popular "jumping ghost" is fighting games. It is also a world record paradise. In three years of operation, 140 world records have been broken. It is very attractive to people, even nerds will fall in love with this place. Generally speaking, it is not enough to spend a whole day here. So there are weekly, monthly, and annual cards for members to choose.

Funspot—Kranja, New Hampshire

Funspot is the world's largest gaming hall, with more than 500 electronic games and pinball machines. Funspot is not only famous for its size and quantity, but also for its gaming history. In the era when video games were popular, the company began to expand, and got a foothold in both New Hampshire and Florida. Whether you are a newbie in the game or want to break the world record, you will definitely feel shocked here.

Interstellar Base Game Hall-San Rafael, California

This game hall is very small. At first glance, you will think it is a barber shop. After you get closer, you will be deeply attracted by the decoration style of the 80s from top to bottom. There are many game consoles inside, and here is a mecca for fighting gamers. Many small game partitions have been changed to fighting game areas. There are regular fighting game competitions here, with locals as participants and many overseas tourists. It has been in operation for 31 years and is still continuing, becoming a myth in the video game industry. However, it is reported that due to higher and higher rents, the rent boss is unwilling to continue to rent the lot to the game hall, which means that it will be homeless by the end of August. The game hall owner is looking for a new address to continue his gaming career.

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